Spatial Statistics Links

The following links contain information on spatial statistics with particular emphasis on software relevant to spatial statistics.  

First, the Mathworks (producers of Matlab) have a Mapping Toolbox which has some easy-to-use functions for projecting spatial data and for computing spherical distances. Second, they have a number of free user-written programs at their site. Third, the Mathworks has a stellar price ($99) for the Student Edition of Matlab, a full-fledged version of Matlab.



James LeSage has an Matlab Econometric Toolbox with many spatial statistics functions. This is a very useful package with a wide range of procedures. These procedures include estimation of spatial autoregressions, computation of spatial autocorrelation statistics, and many Bayesian routines.


Dezhang Chu has written a Matlab-based program, EasyKrig, to perform kriging with a graphical user interface.



Yves Gratton provides the Kriging Toolbox, currently in version 4 which supports Matlab 6. The Kriging Toolbox is based on GSLIB (Geostatistical Software Library).


Also, Peter Kitanidis has included various Matlab programs for computing geostatistical estimates in his book Introduction to Geostatistics, Cambridge University Press, 1997. You can find out more about the book at his website.


Bart Bronnenberg has created a Spatial Prediction Toolbox for Matlab which performs some specific types of kriging.


Ron Barry has some information on spatial statistics on his website.

Ron Barry


Diack Cheikh has written some Matlab maximum likelihood spatial statistical routines.


Kirill Pankravtov has the Spatial and Geometric Analysis Toolbox (SAGA) written in Matlab. This provides a number of  functions such as quadtrees useful in creating spatial weight matrices.

Spatial and Geometric Analysis Toolbox


TSTOOL, a non-linear time series package in Matlab, contains some functions for finding nearest neighbors and observations within a certain distance.

TSTOOL Neighbor Routines


The Mathtools website has many of these Matlab Toolboxes and others besides.

Mathtools Directory of Matlab Toolboxes


The Econometrics Journal online has a number of links to econometric software including software written in Matlab.

Econometrics Journal Software Directory


Statlib now has a Matlab software directory.

Statlib Matlab Software Directory


Arnold Neumaier provides links to a number of sparse matrix resources in Matlab and Fortran 90 and has an online article about REML estimation with large sparse matrices. This site ranges over a wide variety of topics.

Arnold Neumaier


Ignazy Misztal has written some software to implement sparse matrices in Fortran 90. He uses this in conjunction with maximum likelihood estimation with applications to animal breeding problems. There are statistical and computational similarities between spatial statistics and the correlations found in these problems.

Fortran 90 Sparse Matrices


The SoftFAQ at AI-Geostats contains a discussion of many other spatial statistical packages. In addition, this is a very fine site for obtaining other information about geostatistics.



Statcodes is a site providing links to on-line statistical software for astronomy and related fields.

Statcodes Software Directory


Luc Anselin wrote an important reference book (and numerous articles) on spatial econometrics and has implemented many of these ideas in his package SpaceStat.

Luc Anselin


S+ also has a package which implements many lattice models.


Brian Ripley wrote a standard reference in the field.

Brian Ripley


Noel Cressie authored a major reference on spatial statistics.

Noel Cressie


In addition, Noel Cressie has established the Spatial Statistics and Environmental Sciences program at Ohio State. The website contains a number of preprints and other interesting information.


Hsin-Cheng Huang has a nice website with a spatial emphasis.

Hsin-Cheng Huang


Isobel Clark has made freely available a much earlier copy of her book Practical Geostatistics, some software, and various data.

Practical Geostatistics


Roger Bivand has made online a review article on spatial statistics

A Review of Spatial Statistical Techniques for Location Studies


Arthur Getis has written some software to perform point pattern analysis and has worked in the area of local spatial statistics.

Arthur Getis


Serge Rey has a number of spatial econometrics manuscripts available.

Serge Rey


Harry Kelejian has written a number of spatial econometrics articles.

Harry Kelejian


Barry Boots has written extensively upon efficiently finding neighborhood structures and the associated spatial processes.

Barry Boots


Daniel Griffith has extensively studied the eigenstructure of spatial weight matrices.

Daniel Griffith


Keith Ord has made some important contributions to spatial statistics.

Keith Ord


The Center of Spatially Integrated Social Science has a number of spatial resources.



Ana F. Militino and Lola Ugarte have written a number of spatial statistics papers.


The University of Minnesota has a very active spatial data mining group.


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