Recent Changes


New (11/27/03) I added a link to the Conference on Spatial and Spatiotemporal Statistics that was held at LSU on November 7-9, 2003. This website contains a number of manuscripts.

New (3/11/03) I added a new article appearing in Geographical Analysis to the articles page.

New (2/5/03) I added Spatial Statistics Toolbox 2.0 to the software page. This is a major improvement over 1.1 in performance and in features.

New (4/12/02) — I added Pace and LeSage (2002), "Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Spatial Dependence," Geographical Analysis (pdf) to the published articles page.

New (4/11/02) — I added "Conditional Spatial Autoregressions with Doubly Stochastic Weight Matrices" to the Manuscripts page.

New (10/18/01) — I added a link to some of my spatial-temporal software at   This allows one to find the neighbors to prior observations quickly. It takes under 8 minutes to find the neighbors to 100,000 observations.

New (10/13/00) — I added James Lesage, James and R. Kelley Pace (2000), "Using Matrix Exponentials to Explore Spatial Structure in Regression Relationships," This manuscript uses matrix exponentials to hold the log-determinant term constant in the likelihood. This greatly simplifies the computation of Bayesian estimates via MCMC methods when the spatial structure can change across iterations. The paper demonstrates the computational advantages on data of various sizes (largest size was over 35,000 observations), shows the Bayesian estimator performs well with generated data, and examines the spatial structure of spillovers and externalities in an urban setting. 

.New (9/16/00) — I added the HTML version of Spatial MESS .

New (8/26/00) — I have added a forthcoming article to the site where we were able to simultaneously estimate B-spline functional form transformations and spatial transformations via maximum likelihood.  Space and Splines

New (8/22/00) — I have added a new manuscript to the site where we were able to find the closed-form solution for the maximum likelihood estimates. The techniques culminated in a spatial autoregression of over 50,000 observations which took less than 1 second to compute. Spatial MESS

New (8/18/00) — I have added one of my earlier articles with Ron Barry, "Kriging with Large Data Sets," Communications in Statistics, Simulation and Computation, 1997 to the site. Sparse Kriging

New (7/25/00) — I have added search capabilities to the site. On the first page click on the hyperlink

Search for terms of interest

and it will take you to the search form. You may search for words, exact phrases, and word combinations contained in documents located at

New (6/08/00), James LeSage's site containing the Econometric Toolbox for Matlab, now resides on the same server as The Econometric Toolbox contains many spatial statistical functions (some based upon the functions in the Spatial Statistics Toolbox) as well as many, many other functions. It should be quick to jump back and forth between and Give it a try. 

New (2/11/00) — I have added a mirror site at as well as the one on this server, For both FTP sites, go to the spatial_statistics directory to download files from this site. Go to the spatial_econometrics directory to download files from the site, the home of the Econometric Toolbox for Matlab. If one FTP site seems slow, try the other.

New (1/6/00) — the software page also contains a trial zip file containing the documentation, function, and example programs pertaining to the Monte Carlo log-determinant estimator described in:

Barry, Ronald, and R. Kelley Pace, "A Monte Carlo Estimator of the Log Determinant of Large Sparse Matrices,"  Linear Algebra and its Applications, Volume 289, Number 1-3, 1999, p. 41-54.

I will add this to the toolbox along with some other functions sometime soon.

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